Phoenix and Beau Bluebird Shaving Soap 115g

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Bluebird Shaving Soap - 115g

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The Bluebird shaving soap by Phoenix & Beau is the perfect choice for discerning men looking for a smooth and comfortable shave with a masculine scent. Each soap is handmade in Hitchin, England, in small quantities and is unique.

Bluebird's complex scent is inspired by Donald Campbell, who set world speed records in the 50s and 60s. It is a fragrance that celebrates determination, courage, adventure and a fulfilled life. The blend of mandarin, pink pepper, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, tonka and birch provides a unique fragrance experience.

Phoenix & Beau places great emphasis on the quality and aesthetics of their products and works with great attention to detail. The essential oils are blended by hand and carefully incorporated into each freshly produced soap.

Customer Reviews

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Rasierseife mit gutem Duft.

Von dem Duft der Rasierseife bin ich überzeugt. Das Rasierergebnis ist auch gut.
Ich habe hier allerdings schon Seifen gekauft, die mir leicht besser gefallen.

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