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D.R. Harris

Windsor Shaving Cream

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Filling quantity:75g - tube

This high quality and highly concentrated cream contains a high percentage of glycerin for an extra soothing and moisturizing shave.

Lightly scented with Windsor, a fresh, complex fragrance that begins with overtones of citrus and grapefruit and matures to tones of black pepper and vetiver.

A thorough shave preparation ensures a perfect shaving result. Lather the shaving cream with circular movements on the face. For this you can use your hands or preferably a shaving brush. Your skin is thus optimally prepared for shaving. The beard hairs stand up and are soaked. For an even better shaving result, use a pre-shave oil before shaving and an aftershave after shaving.

Windsor Shaving Cream is available in a 150g bowl or in a convenient 75g tube for on the go.

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Windsor Shaving Cream

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