Jorum Studio Arborist Eau de Parfum 30ml
Jorum Studio Arborist Eau de Parfum 30ml

Jorum Studio

Arborist - Eau de Parfum

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Arborist is part of the "Progressive Botany Vol. I Fragrance Collection".

Progressive Botany Vol. 1 refers to nature. The collection explores and expands natural phenomena to create vibrant and rich olfactory responses, using both natural and manufactured materials.

Arborist is an ode to enchanting forests, such as those found in Scotland.

Be warned, Arborist is not just wood.

Arborist has a stunning and spirited opening that segues into sun-bleached woods, malted grains and worked skin. A symphony of untamed nature.

The core structure of Arborist is reminiscent of many great Scottish woods, its leaves, flowers, fruits, roots and soils are the essential portrait of the forest.

Arborist presents a unique blend of raw flowers, plants, resin sap, undergrowth and surprising forest fruits. Resolutely sylvan and intriguingly multi-faceted with more than a hint of human skin, oily tools and distilling elixirs that haunt from afar.

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