Jorum Studio Athenaeum Eau de Parfum 30ml
Jorum Studio Athenaeum Eau de Parfum 30ml

Jorum Studio

Athenaeum - Eau de Parfum

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Athaneum Eau de Parfum by Jorum Studio is part of the Selective Memory Fragrance Collection.

The Selective Memory Fragrance Collection recounts distorted memories of shared experiences, albeit obscured and abstracted by time; retold through the medium of fragrance.

Athenaeum is the distillation of a once forgotten but fond olfactory memory, awakened during a chance encounter at the local Athenaeum. It is the fragmented and blurred reminiscence of a rural childhood found in the urban landscape.

Upon entering the Athenaeum, you are overwhelmed by the overpowering scent of decaying pulp and ink, enveloped in a haze of sun-drenched dust. Without haste, the smell whisks you away to cultivable midsummer fields and lost days in swaying pastures, your nose buried in hundreds of papery leaves, grain and mulchy woods all around.

Like gauzy sunshine whistling through rugged lands, athenaeum is as soothing as it is lonely. A fragrance created for reflection.

Athenaeum showcases expertly sustainably sourced, hand-harvested Scottish lavender. Jorum Studio Athenaeum is the first master-crafted perfume to use biodynamic perfume materials grown, harvested and distilled in Scotland.

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