Jorum Studio Carduus Eau de Parfum 30ml
Jorum Studio Carduus Eau de Parfum 30ml

Jorum Studio

Carduus - Eau de Parfum

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Carduus is part of the "Progressive Botany Vol. I Fragrance Collection".

Progressive Botany Vol. 1 refers to nature. The collection explores and expands natural phenomena to create vibrant and rich olfactory responses, using both natural and manufactured materials.

Unashamedly polarising, Carduus is a blend of serrated leaves, herbal seeds and dry bark.

Carduus attacks with a strong noise of warm flavour herbs, tingly seeds and defensive leaves. This dry herbal bouquet predominates medicinal botanicals, fiery barks and wounded molecules. The resulting effect conjures up images of unspeakable ceremonies and rituals. The fragrance flirts with tradition; mature herbs and spices alchemically blended.

This romantic concoction is woven with bundles of complex floral essences and fermented leaves before revealing sweet confections and crushed roots.

An unusual lift occurs with Carduus. Start extremely rich, dense and infused with spices before shedding layers to reveal a veiled and noble incense facet that feels weightless.

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