Jorum Studio Nectary Eau de Parfum 30ml
Jorum Studio Nectary Eau de Parfum 30ml

Jorum Studio

Nectary - Eau de Parfum

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Nectary is part of the"Progressive Botany Vol. I Fragrance Collection."
Progressive Botany Vol. 1 references nature. The collection explores and extends natural phenomena to create vibrant and rich olfactory responses, using both natural and manufactured materials.

Nectary is an abundance of translucent florals. A modern alternative to more traditional signatures.

The fragrance is a brutal floral bouquet, rich with honeyed sweetness and drenched in precious sap. There is a beguiling acidity as Nectary unfolds. A ripe, juicy nuance complements narcotically reddened petals and adds unfiltered naturalness.

Nectary is no manicured garden: bravado and danger lurk behind every turn. Disturbing the slumbering flowers would prove dangerous. Raw terra cotta vases are dotted with fruit-bearing inflorescences. Cool mineral vapors radiate from ivory walls and incubate delicate seedlings.

Nectary is a garden protected by robust flora adorned with thorns, ouch! Roses of Isparta are the sworn protectors, which protect injured wood and royal bouquets.

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