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Mason Pearson

BN1 - Popular Bristle & Nylon Hairbrush

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Mason Pearson: The premium brand for quality hairbrushes worldwide - over 130 years of craftsmanship, since 1885 by the inventor of the pneumatic brush Mr. Mason Pearson!

The use of the highest quality and handpicked materials characterise these hairbrushes. Each hairbrush is manufactured under handcrafted precision and strict guidelines, giving users decades of pleasure.

The hairbrushes cleanse the scalp hair gently and stimulate the scalp. In this way, the blood circulation of the sebaceous glands is stimulated in a natural way, releasing sebum (the body's own care oil of the human hair).

The BN1 belongs to the "Large Hairbrushes" range and contains eight rings of boar and nylon bristles. This brush is perfect for:

- long hair

- normal to thick hair

A special cleaning brush is included to help you keep your hairbrush in the best possible condition.


Length: 9 inches / 22.86 cm

Width: 3 inches / 7.62 cm

Head: 5.12 inches / 13 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mason Pearson Hairbrush BN1

Amazing! Thank you!

Natalie Guberner
Beste Bürste

Für mich die beste Bürste, seit 20 Jahren verwende ich Mason Pearson Bürsten.

Anna Weingärtner

Alles super geklappt, tolles Produkt, ich bin sehr zufrieden.

Jules Elliott-Riley
Worth every penny!

I have coveted MP brushes for a while but was not sure where to get a genuine one, since I have left London. I went to the MP website, which specifically says NOT to buy it on amazon or eBay and suggested the English Scent as an official stockist. They are super fast and the most competitively priced. The hype about those brushes is real. Noticed a difference in my straight but often knotted and tangled long hair. I do wear a lot of wool and used to hate brushing my hair. It is smooth and I love brushing it now. Since then I have bought another BN1,a pocket one mixed bristles as well and two combs. Apart from my wet brush ( for wet hair, you are not supposed to use this on wet hair) and Olivia Garden to use for blow drying ( I will not use this one for blow drying as it is not recommended), I will never use another hairbrush. Service was excellent.

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